How has the design changed?

    The Design Team has been working with members from the skatepark community over the past few months during this early stage of design review. Much of what makes this an amazing skatepark today will remain but with a few beneficial improvements. 

    These recommendations are designed to accommodate all abilities and include additional space for potential programs/use that could occur to make it more vibrant and active space.

    What are the costs to replace the skateboard park?

    The total costs for the skatepark enhancement will be known once conceptual design is complete.

    We recognize it is unfortunate that this much-loved amenity must be replaced. As a young city, the availability of City-owned land is low. With rising costs of real estate and land prices, Council had to make a tough decision, and rather than spending several million tax payer dollars on land, the decision to relocate the skatepark made good financial sense. 

    Where will the skatepark be located?

    The desire is to keep the skatepark on the existing site. The initial site concept design identified the need to transform the skatepark because it is in conflict with the construction area. We will ensure a park is restored better than it is today.

    Will we lose access to the skatepark during construction?

    No. Council has committed to ensuring the existing skatepark remain open to the community until such time a new skatepark is constructed.

    What are the next steps?

    A prequalification process is underway to identify a preferred contactor to construct the skatepark. A summary of the feedback will be shared with the Design Team prior to construction. 

    The City’s application for non-farm use where the skatepark would be potentially located remains unchanged and is with the Agricultural Land Committee (ALC) pending a decision.

    How can I stay involved?

    It’s easy! Visit our website to subscribe to the City Hall Project e-news or register on the City’s online engagement platform at Public input opportunities will be announced in advance.