What's an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

    The OCP is a City bylaw document that defines policies for land use and development, while also providing a long-term vision for the community. 

    All municipalities, regional districts, and the Islands Trust in British Columbia have the authority to create an official community plan. 

    Why Plan West Kelowna?

    Today, West Kelowna is home to 37,046 residents, and by 2040, our population is expected to be more than 49,400. 

    This growth will bring both opportunities and challenges and strategic planning is essential to ensure West Kelowna can continue to grow in ways that reflect the vision for the community. 

    To accommodate our growth over the next 20 years, we need to create and implement plans and policies that clearly identify where development will be prioritized and supported with infrastructure and amenities. The City's Official Community Plan (OCP) update is one way that we can help direct growth to positively impact our community. 

    While our policy updates have been underway and we have completed the first phase of the project—OurWK Visioning, we have more work ahead. To help us build on this work and understand your thoughts on West Kelowna's future growth, we want you to get involved.

    Who uses an OCP?

    City Council, City staff, developers and professionals (architects, engineers, planners, etc.) use the OCP as a tool to implement what the community wants as it relates to housing and other land uses, transportation services, infrastructure and amenities.

    How did we get here?

    Guided by the Community Vision 2021, the first phase of the OCP update, we are now taking steps to determine how we grow and the supporting policies to support the five major foundations from the Community Vision: our people, our connectivity, our adaptability, our prosperity and our places.